Milan, 2021

Dressing room: your home inside the theatre
This is the place for you to find your focus and recharge your energy before shining on the stage.
A warm and enchanting womb where everything is dreamy and possible.
This is what Dressing room #6 meant for LupettAtelier.
It is more than a room to serve artists; it is more than a place to wait out hours of emotional stress. In Cecilia Avogadro and Isabella Franco’s project, the dressing room is a shelter where color, touch and material feeling play a significant role.
They chose textiles, powder and bright colors, hanging light objects, service and high color rendering lighting for costume fitting, and a soft, home-like beam light for the private space of your sitting corner. They gave up make-up stations facing the wall for a central area enclosing the seats and holding them together, one next to the other but separate, so you can sit close while remaining focused, you can feel together or be alone, if you wish. It is the power of a beating heart propelling art out there while acting as its cradle behind the door of Dressing room #6.

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project by Cecilia Avogadro and Isabella Franco

fotografie di Giulio Ghirardi