Milan, 2023

Onset, the dawn, the first beat.

Or rather the second, when the sun is about to rise and the night is suddenly colored with light.
It is an instant, very fast, that marks the transition from darkness to light, suddenly.
The set-up is a project by
Lupettatelier, withAzimut Design as main partner, which offers a line of resin furniture.
A console and coffee table for the studio’s living room, a display volume marking the transition between the two areas, and a dining table culminating in a warm yellow light alcove.
On the ceiling a
GouacheGouache decoration creating an immersive atmosphere.
The project is wrapped in soft, fabric, full-height mustard and brick-pink curtains, handcrafted by
Italo Villa.
The setting is enriched with the sculpture vases
Laboratorio by Maurizio Bergo, in blown and colored glass, like precious gems soaked in light.
The small living room is defined by a custom-made
Sirecomcarpet, underlying the cosiness of the space and relating to the colors of the rising dawn.
On the wall, a work by
CELO1represents the process of changing light, preparing the visitor for the encounter with the sun.

A story that lasts a moment and then is already fleetingly

Thanks to the collaboration with the writer Riccardo Benedini, theOnset installation brings to life an imaginary tale that can immerse the visitor in the experience of light, not only through forms, but also through words.

photo credits Pietro Dipace
video credits Andre Guggeri Centorrino